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RSA members belong to a nationwide voluntary welfare organisation committed to the rich tradition of comradeship and community service that characterises the RSA. All members are welcome to visit and enjoy the recreational facilities of RSAs throughout the country, take part in social and sporting events, or simply relax in congenial surroundings close to home.

Earn points on each purchase every time you use your membership card. Points accumulate and can be used towards future purchases or annual membership

Returned & Service Membership

Swanson RSA has a strong community of returned servicemen and women. We look forward to welcoming you to our club.

Membership is open to servicemen and women who have served in any war or in a peacekeeping or peacemaking deployment as defined by RNZRSA.

Under 70 - $25 per annum
70 and over - Free
Current serving - Free

Associate Membership

Join us and experience what it means to be part of your RSA and local community.

Membership is open to adults, who although having not served in the Armed Forces or Police would like to belong to the Club.

Under 70 - $50 per annum
70-89 - $20 per annum
90 and over - Free

Womens Membership

Join the 16,000 strong members of the RSA Women's section.

Membership is open to relatives of returned servicemen, specifically wives and partners, widows, mothers, sisters and daughters.

Meetings are held at 11:30am on the first Saturday of each month. You would be required to attend at least 7 meetings per year.

$25 per annum

Youth Membership

Swanson RSA have an active programme of children's clubs as well as opportunities for community involvement.

Youth membership is open to those who are aged from 13 years to 17 years old.

$10 per annum

Exclusive Member Benefits

By being a part of the Swanson Memorial Club, every visit to our restaurant and bar facilities can earn you points on food and beverage purchases. These accumulated points can be used for the renewal of your Swanson Memorial Club membership annually!

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