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We are here to provide the best possible support and services to all generations of Veterans.

Swanson RSA

We are very proud of our RSA connection and history, as we serve as the Swanson community hub for remembering those who came before us and those who are currently serving.

Memorial Section

The Swanson RSA Memorial Club takes pride in its community lead remembrance services. 

From ANZAC Day Commemoration on the 25th of April each year remembering those who served in the Great War (World War I), World War II in Europe and the Pacific, Malaya, Korea, Vietnam and more recent events including the Gulf, Bosnia, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan and United Nations peacekeeping and operations. To services’ specific events like Battle of the River Plate (HMNZS Achilles) for the Royal New Zealand Navy and Battle of Britain Day for the Royal New Zealand Air Force. 

We are open to everyone coming and remembering those who came before us, and those who are currently serving.

Passchendaele Society

Support Passchendaele Society, a registered New Zealand charity that committed to preserving New Zealand's wartime heritage.

Welfare Section

We know that life isn’t always easy and it can be difficult to know where to look for help. 

The RSA understands that joining the military means sacrifice which can put pressure on both you and your family. The Return Services Association is able to help, click the button below to find someone you can talk with to get help.

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